Tarlock cigarette filters, pocket ashtrays and dummy cigarettes

About Tarlock

Cigarette tar filters have been widely available to smokers abroad for well over 15 years but, due to advertising restrictions, many UK smokers are still unaware of the product's existence and health benefits.

Our family run company based in the UK was launched in 2006, with the aim of offering this beneficial product to all UK smokers at a price they could afford. We buy direct from the manufacturer; our lower profit margins create a higher turnover giving us greater buying power, which enables us to offer our product to you at a price that allows you to continue to protect your health long term.

Tarlock cigarette filters are made from food quality plastic which carries no taste and our cigarette tar filters are re-usable.

We have so much faith in the exceptional health benefits and performance of Tarlock cigarette filters, that we are pleased to offer our customers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if our product does not perform as promised.

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